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Why Green?

Restoration of this building incorporated environmentally friendly construction materials and supported sustainable development practices. For example, the Plywood supporting the wood floors, emit no or very low formaldehyde into the air. Other materials include Rockwool insulation, glass tiles, Volatile Organic Compounds-free paint and wood stains. The furniture and cabinetry were made from solid wood from local sustainable sources. No MDF or OSB was used in this building.
All the wallpaper used in the building was printed on formaldehyde-free paper from managed sustainable European Forests. The printing was done with water-based inks and coatings and do not contain lead or any other heavy metals. The wallpaper is installed with wheat paste/cellulose paste. All the furniture in the building was designed to represent the arts and crafts movement using solid wood. The water heating and heating and air conditioning system is controlled by a energy efficient central system, which is located outside the building. The building is equipped with fire alarm and sprinkler system. Additionally, building features were added to the building for earthquake retrofitting. The entire building is strictly non-smoking.


Easy access to Taksim Square, Metro, museums, old peninsula, Tunnel, Galata Tower

Adres: Kuloğlu Mh, Adile Naşit Sk (G-4 Sk.), No:6, 34433, Cihangir/Istanbul
Tel: (+90) 212 243 3010
Phone: 0 555 328 2083

Heirloom Cafe & Market


A Café-market with a small garden is located on the bottom floor. Our mission is to support the local farmer and local small producers. We only carry small local producers products We carry handmade olive oil from Aegean villages, handmade soaps made by a family living in Antioch, hand weaved shawls from a small village in Denizli,and serving dishes made from discarded old olivewood. We serve coffee, pastries, Panini, salads, and olives. We make coffee in, syphon coffee makers, pour over cones and Italian espresso machines to bring you flavorful fresh coffee.
Come and join us in supporting the small local businesses in the mystery of this 115-year-old building while enjoying the modern amenities in an environmentally conscious setting.

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heirloom istanbul
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Heirloom Istanbul Guesthouse and Café is a furnished apartment building and gourmet market in the European neighborhood of Cihangir in Istanbul. This 2012 restored residence was constructed in the 19th century during the Ottoman Empire. Michelle Kirici, part of the community of Italians and Greeks who resided in the Pera area for one thousand years, designed and built this six-story brick masonry residence in the late 1890s and completed it in 1902. Architectural and design features include a Baroque ceiling fresco in the entry hall; a handcrafted wood staircase; hand carved marble and stone work; and native wood windows, doors, ceilings and floors. The Kirici family lived here until 2011 when Heirloom Istanbul purchased and restored the multi-family residence. The restored apartments reflect the international Arts and Crafts movement of a century ago. William Morris led the interior design movement away from industrialization back to artistry, craftsmanship and nature. In these rooms, Morris’ wallpaper designs such as “Wild Tulip” reflect the motifs found in the tiles of Istanbul’s Topkapi and Dolmabahçe Palaces. These contemporary wall coverings by William Morris are printed using vintage Surface Print Machines on formaldehyde-free paper from managed sustainable European forests. The water based inks and coating have a high percentage of naturally occurring fillers and pigments. The wood windows, doors, wainscot, furniture and cabinetry were crafted locally here in Istanbul. The wool carpets are handmade and naturally dyed. Today’s craftsman honored the natural materials in the spirit of the Arts and Crafts of the 19th century when this building was constructed in the European section of Istanbul.



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